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It gives me immense happiness and  pride on my part to write a few lines as the Academic Head of this great institution, SREERAM ACADEMY at this state of my life by the grace of Almighty who is the Creator of this vast universe.

Education i.e. spreading of “knowledge” which bears the meaning of “power”, has got a great impact on the society in which we live.

“SREERAM ACADEMY” makes concerted efforts for a holistic development of the students who enter the school portals. The school curriculum is oriented in such a way that students embody self confidence and out of the bon thought process.

To my estimation and long experience, I have come to know that “Teaching profession” is the noblest and most respected profession in the world and our faculty members who being sufficiently qualified in this field are also rendering their level best to mould the character of the students. Myself also trying my best with utmost efforts of the teachers to make the academic scenario of this academy to have brilliant results with flying colours.

The authority has entrusted upon me with the greatest responsibility for the upliftment of the academic performances of the students. Everyone us must think the principle of 3H-(i) Head (ii) Heart and (iii) Hand By. (i) “Head” we are to think what is to be done (ii) By Heart i.e. mind, we are to take decision and at last (iii) By hand we are to do the things to materialize.

I do hope, with the active co-operation by the teachers, guardians and management and by the grace of Almighty, we shall be able to achieve our cherished goal which is a crying need of the hour.


May God help us all.


With Best Regards
(Biren Das)




Dear Parents,

In the present age man is in the pursuit of materialistic gains through which he tries to satisfy himself. Consideration of the society is the last thought he has. Today’s budding child are growing in a more challenging and demanding environment. The rate of change in every sphere is rapid, with the enhanced knowledge exchange and technology development, the world is going flatter.

Globalization demands a new dimension to our approach to education. Such an education means imparting skills that would develop mental agility in individuals to confidently interact and work in diverse environment.

“Sreeram Academy” my dream project stands perfectly oriented to achieve this goal. The school has the facility of imparting education to “The Residential” and “Day Scholars” emphasizing to foster the physical, emotional, social and cultural needs of the students comprising from the playgroup to the Sr. Secondary level.

Initially Sreeram Academy made the project for worth Rs. 2 crore with a target to complete it by 2011 and it has been completed within the stipulated period for cost of Rs. 2.12 crore and got the affiliation upto Secondary level and later to Sr. Secondary level by Central Board of Secondary (Delhi). Now Sreeram Academy family makes the target to invest in greater Bajali area in total amount of Rs. 100 crore within next 10/12  years in six phase. The 1st phase of Rs. 7.5 crore investment has already been completed and the 2nd and 3rd has already been started by 2016 with a target to complete by 2020 for a cost of Rs. 25 crore and remaining three phase shall be started before 2025 including 1 Engineering College, 1 integrated B.Ed. College and 1 Rural University.

I am Bajalian and the institution is dedicated to those Bajalian’s for whose sacrifice make us feel proud. With this aim Sreeram Academy will leave no stone unturned in rendering the best to your child and shouldering responsibility of building promising citizens of tomorrow.


With best regards to all

(Dulal Talukdar)


Sreeram Academy

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