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*        Indoor & Outdoor Games.

*        Yoga & Meditation.


*        Vocal / Instrumental.


*        A spirit of competition is evoked in the students through the various activities in which the students of each house participate under the guidance of their teacher in-charge.

The Four Houses are :

  1. Gandhi House.

  2. Sarojini House.

  3. Kanaklata House.

  4. Nehru House.


*        Direct Admission up to Class V on the basis of Previous School records.

*        Admission test will be held from Class VI onwards.

*        Admission for Senior Secondary classes will depend on the result of the last board examination appeared by the student.

*        Separate application for hostel accommodation is to be submitted.

*        Each student will have to furnish his / her original certificate and mark sheets along with 3 copies of passport size photographs at the time of admission.

*        Decision taken by the Admission Committee will be considered as the final decision.

*        If a student takes admission to some other institute after admission to this institute his / her seat will be forfeited with.


*        Debates, Quiz, Extempore Speech, Essay writing Magazine / Wall Magazine etc.


*        The school provides coaching in IIT-JEE/AIEEE etc. from Class XI

*        Art & Craft.

*        Involvement in Social Activities.

*        Involvement in Social Activities.

*        Seminars/Lectures/Talks on Value Education etc. are conducted.

*        Educational tours / Field Trips / Outings.

*        Career Counseling by Experts.

*        Some Professionals courses will be started very soon in collaboration with foreign institutions.


*        Fees for each month must be paid within the 10th of the month.

*        Not paying fees for consecutive months will be considered as subject to strike off the name from the register.

*        A student leaving the school in midsession shall have to pay tuition fees for the entire session.

*        Transfer without sufficient reason is not allowed.

*      Attendance in classes is compulsory. A student attending less than 75% of classes held may be debarred from appearing the                    examination. Defaulting students will be fined at a specific rate per day.

*        A student who is found to violate the rules and discipline of the school shall be liable to expulsion.

*        A student involved in causing damage of any property of the school shall be liable to pay compensation with fine.

*        Using mobile phones chewing gutkas, chewing gums etc are strictly prohibited within the school premises.

*        Parents / Guardians are requested to attend the meetings that are called for time to time in order to vote their pace of progress.

*        Decision taken by the management will be considered as final.

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