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“Knowledge is Power”

Knowledge is the greatest asset of a person in today’s world. The power of knowledge makes man the best creation of God. It distinguishes men from other lower animals and  places them in high pedestal. The power of knowledge develops our insight which helps us to be successful in life.

So let us all, the students, staff and the parents/guardians live up to the school motto and help each other to acquire true knowledge.


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SREERAM ACADEY an English Medium Sr. Secondary School affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi, from Classes NUR, LKG, UKG & Class I - XII (Science, Arts & Commerce) has been established in the year 2007, to impart modern and quality education of world standard, as well as to imbibe the moral values and respect for Indian Culture.

The school believes in strictness without harsh. Interaction between teachers and students assures and develops good manners, etiquette and proper behaviors in the students. Spare time of students in utilized to occupy students in worthwhile activities under CCA (Co-Curricular Activities).


* Help students to develop a creative mind and grow up as useful members of the society. That is why, they are encouraged to expand their horizons, learn the right values and face the emerging challenges of a new era.

* Maintain standard quality in all areas, be it academic, co-curricular activities or games and sports.

* Improve the performance level of weak students by special remedial classes.

* Inculcate discipline, punctuality and good manners in the students from foundation years.

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